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If you are thinking about couples therapy then you have likely reached some kind of impasse with your partner.  Many couples find themselves locked into a repeating pattern where conflict begins with a specific incident and then goes to the "same old argument."  Conflict is a normal part of relationships but when conflict is not resolved so that you begin to feel close to your partner again, it is damaging to your relationship.  If harsh language and name calling is becoming a regular part of your conflicts or there is more and more of the "silent treatment" it is time to seek outside help.  These are danger signs. If ignored, your relationship's survival is in jeopardy. Therapy (together or individually) can help you gain a greater understanding of the patterns you've created  with one another.  And this understanding, along with the willingness to confront our own behavior, can open the door to lasting change. 

Typically when parents bring a child or teenager to therapy something has gone wrong - it may be a divorce is taking place and parents want to do all they can to minimize the harm to their children. Or perhaps the school has alerted the parents to a potential problem: a sudden drop in grades, change in attitude or difficulties in social relationships.  Kids are incredibly aware of what's happening in their families but they often misinterpret what it all means.  They don't really know what questions to ask because they (especially younger children) don't have the vocabulary to put their thoughts into words.  Therapy can help bring a family back together.  With teenagers one thing to always keep in mind is this: they can be very impulsive  (their brains are not fully developed) and their impulsiveness can be very frightening.  If your child is beginning to withdraw from the family, if he/she seems excessively irritable or has lost interest in the things they once cared a lot about - don't wait to get  help for them.  

Pursuing therapy is the bold step of saying out loud that you want life to be different.  You may be experiencing depression that won't lift or anxiety that keeps you stuck.  Maybe it's anger or just feeling irritated by everyone.  Perhaps you've noticed your drinking more days than not lately. You determine to change things - get to bed earlier or start working out and eating better but nothing is really changing...  Maybe your eating is getting out of control or you're watching porn every day.  Whatever it is...you're getting further away from living the life you want.  Therapy really can help.  It's not easy and it can move much slower than you'd like but bringing all of these things out of the darkness (where they cultivate shame) and into the light (where you can find grace and understanding) is life changing.  You can go ahead and make another list of all the things you need to change or enter into a therapeutic relationship that really does offer hope and healing. 

It takes courage to consider therapy and to take steps to change your life and your relationships.  I am passionate about creating a safe and authentic counseling environment where you can explore your life and the unique challenges you face.  For more about me click here

Dawn LeVine